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    2012 Topps Platinum base- 100cc each

    Shipping is 150cc for 1-4 cards shipped PWE, or 400cc for a bubble mailer. These are all 100cc each if anyone wants em

    Drew Brees
    Greg Jennings
    Julio Jones
    Aaron Hernandez
    Clay Matthews
    Kendall Hunter
    Jamaal Charles
    Kevin Kolb
    Sam Bradford
    Ray Rice
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Jake Locker
    Jay Cutler
    Tony Romo
    Antonio Gates
    Felix Jones
    Santonio Holmes
    Michael Turner
    Tom Brady
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Steve Smith
    Eric Decker
    Brandon Marshall
    taking a break from trading

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    ill take decker also i was interested in the 2 brock cards from ur other thread wuld u take all my card cash for the 3 cards
    Football-Eric Decker/Michael Egnew
    Basketball-Kris Humphries
    Baseball-Jason Giambi

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    yeah, that would be ok with me, if youd like to post it up- as long as you dont mind PWE
    taking a break from trading

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