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    some newer traders

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    LMK what you looking for your Bourque & Sakic, please. :-)
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    zach pm sent
    nord do you have any nice habs or team canada stuff?

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    What are you looking for in return for the Isles Trios from 11-12 Limited?
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    If anyone is interested, click this link from CCM and help me win free stuff as well as enter yourself: Hidden Content

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    Your pm quota is exceeded... ;-)

    maurice1544 has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
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    Interested in the Bourque Auto, fits the description for the HHoF PC.

    Better traders:

    I also have a Trilogy Ice Scripts Bourque Auto that is available.

    All my traders are in the signature below or I can put a list together for you.
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    Looking For:
    1) Anything from my small wantlist Hidden Content
    2) Any SPA FWAs, Ultimate AU RCs, and RCs/inserts from Hidden Content
    3) Autos (w/o jerseys or patches, vertical cards), Rookie Cards, YGs of select players

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