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    missing card

    can you please add 1980/81 OPC assist leaders gretzky/dionne/lafleur #162

    also when I bring up all gretzky OPC cards it does not bring up any of the cards from 90-91 (6 cards) 91-92 (8 cards) or 92-93 (2 cards) they are listed under his master list, is there anyway to fix it so they do appear when only searching OPC ??

    Bobby Ryan PC
    937/1073 87.3%
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    The 1980 card was there, just had his last name only so it didn't show in his index.. I've fixed that

    The 1990-93 cards should show now. That sort of search may not always work properly. It's dependant on all of the brand information being set in the inventory and that's a work in progress but I fixed the ones in question so if I do a search for gretzky and set the set to O-Pee-Chee, it shows for me.
    Markus Naslund Collector
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    thank you very much always appreciated
    Bobby Ryan PC
    937/1073 87.3%
    1/1's and Plates: 8

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