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    Brady/Romo/E. Manning/ Brees /75
    Added stuff Tradelist.....Still rebuilding tho.
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    mattleegee, you are on the clock! You have 12 hours to pick your card. Please be specific when choosing the card you are picking!
    4:06 PM EST

    1. 12. Raw5060 - Andrew Luck RPA
    2. 4. brokenyolk - Josh Gordon Auto
    3. 23. trask7 - Demarcus Ware Auto
    4. 19. bryanfury - Brady/Romo/E.Manning/Brees Quad
    5. 14. aal326 - Ryan Broyles RPA
    6. 10. darrell28 - Brian Quick RPA (Rounded Patch)
    7. 25. darrell28 - Kurt Warner /99 (NFL Equipment)
    8. 5. cccupps420 - Dorsett/P. Holmes/M. Allen/Bettis Quad
    9. 21. Dlhdaman - Ronnie Hillman RPA
    10. 15. arfmax - Devier Posey RPA
    11. 8. mattleegee
    12. 11. SgtAJC (From GiantsSB42Champs)
    13. 1. SgtAJC
    14. 9. trask7
    15. 13. aal326
    16. 7. mattleegee
    17. 22. NBSII
    18. 2. SgtAJC
    19. 17. NBSII
    20. 3. trask7
    21. 20. michigandan
    22. 16. arfmax
    23. 24. PlatinumPlus502
    24. 6. Raw5060
    25. 18. Dhldaman
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    have we skipped aal?
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    I know it is the holidays, and I'm not picking for quite a long time, but in today's technological world, everyone has access to internet at home, at family, at friends, or on their phone. At this rate I'll be picking right around January 5th!!!! Regardless, this is a tough call for the breaker, all I can say is Happy Holiday to all.

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    by rule darrell should be up with 2 picks...
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    I no longer buy from ANYONE unless it is through paypal. Thanks for your understanding.

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    Alright guys. I know someone is going to be upset any way I do this, but I do have to make the decision.

    Its 3 PM where i am, and this is the first time I have checked into the site today. That being said, I feel like it is only right to call this a free day. We will give aal326 until noon tomorrow to make his pick, and we will go from there. This is a time to spend with family. I can not and do not expect anyone to check this thread today. I'm sorry for this taking longer than we all have hoped, but it is the holidays, and there are things that come up.

    If anyone has any legimate complaints, please PM me, and we will talk. Have a great Christmas guys!

    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    Ok guys. It appears that aal326 has not been online in some time. I am going to go ahead and pick for him at this time, so we can keep moving for now.

    Ryan Broyles RPA
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    6. Brian Quick /349 (RPA Rounded Patch)
    7. Kurt Warner /99 (NFL Equipment)
    Looking for R.Kerrigan/ B.Orakpo/ C.Cooley/ C.Portis/ C.Bailey/ D.Green/ and ... A lot of others.
    --- Attention please! --- I'm live in Japan.
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    well since the broyles is gone.....i will take: Dorsett/P. Holmes/M. Allen/Bettis /75
    Under the same name on beckett over 180 trades in 2 years. Bring on the offers!
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    Always looking for Cutler rc autos

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    I'll take the Hillman patch auto..thanks
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    I no longer buy from ANYONE unless it is through paypal. Thanks for your understanding.

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