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Thread: In need of image cut work

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    In need of image cut work

    Will pay 50 cc per image cut..let me know if interested, we can set up trades

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    Ed Too Tall Jones#1

    Ed too tall jones #2$(KGrHqJ,!iw...,(PYFQ~~_3.JPG

    Post cut responses and i will send the cc. ill pay an extra 50cc for an effect such as dragan or topaz! Heading to work now , be home between 9:30-10 pm est time. I'll check for a response!

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    Got the color one done. Let me know where I can send the .psd

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    Black and white done as well. PM me and I'll e-mail them over.

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    let me know what you think. I think the topaz came out nice looking

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    The Too Tall looks pretty nice Thanks so much!
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    Never heard back from you about me making cuts for you?

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