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    Help me value this card

    Can anybody help me with what they think this is worth. Pulled it from a pack in the dollar store, noticed it was number[IMG][/IMG]ed! [IMG][/IMG]

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    $15 is what I found on Beckett.
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    It sells for $3.00 on eBay, but you might have to list it 20-30 times.

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    it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
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    If you find a Francis collector who wants to add it to his PC, you can probably get around $5-$6 for it.

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    If it were Arturs Irbe, you could get $20+ for it...from me! Francis, whatever a collector is willing to pay.
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    Alright thanks everybody, appreciate it! Haha well whatever 3$ is still 3x my investment

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    I've got 2 other Ice Blue Ronny Francis cards from 97-98 Invincible and Dynagon, neither has sold in over 20 listings at $3.50 each opening bid.

    Unfortunately Ron Francis being one of Hockey's greatest, and one, if not the nicest guy, gets NO Hobby love period.

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