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    No longer needed

    gday gents,

    Chasing a Ljungberg 2010 MLS Marks Auto, which looks like this:

    I believe this was his only MLS auto, but if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.
    Thanks for looking
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    Reading 5 - ARSENAL 7, cracking game

    (bump, still chasing this card)

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    back up,
    considering buying a 2010 box, but they haven't really dropped in price, and at one auto per box would be a long shot to pull a Ljungberg auto

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    NLD this weekend, up the ARSENALLLLLL

    Still chasing the Ljungberg

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    Soccer cards for sale in my bucket URL: Hidden Content .

    Always looking for silver coins especially ASE's, post-1996 Libertads, Philharmonics, 90% coins, etc.

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    Sensational. Just need to try organise some Australian shipping, as he's not posting outside the US.
    Thanks mate, much appreciated

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