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    WTB 2011 College Legends autos

    Since I'm doing the 1997 Legends auto set, I figured I'd kind of start going after this one at the same time. Just wanted to see what might be out there for sale, since I'm in the very early stages and need pretty much everything.

    I'm interested in singles, but would also be open to purchasing small or large lots.

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    Trying again today, anything out there?

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    i got craig morton, leeroy jordan, antonio freeman, jason white, and pat devlin..... but idk how much it cost to ship to canada

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    I have Tom Rathman and Billy Simms. Can do $10 dlvd.
    Collect Star/HOF patches and autos
    I don't collect non-auto RC unless that is all the player has!
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    If you want DC, then you can pay the $17+ it will cost!
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    Another deal done, looking for more.

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    Help me out...need almost everything.

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