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    Post Import BV Prices Question

    I am trying to add the BV prices to my inventory by using the 3rd party importer.

    The problem I am having is all my data is in Excel

    I have listed 1 full set of 190 cards as a trial for myself but the importer did not want to except my list

    Example of my list

    1 (TAB) $5.00
    2 (TAB) $2.00
    3 (TAB) $25.00

    This was not imported

    I had to remove the TAB SPACE to make it look like this

    1 $5.00
    2 $2.00
    3 $25.00

    Now my question is

    Is there a way to remove that TAB space in bulk or a way to allow the importer to accept it?

    Please help
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    Depending on the version of excel, there will be a feature called text to columns. My 2007 excel on my work computer had it under Data. In that option you could set it to create a column in place of the tab. That may not have the desired effect though.

    Alternatively, you could copy and paste into notepad and use the replace option to replace tab with a single space or whatever you needed.
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