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    etomford's IP and TTM Successes

    Hello everyone! Just thought I would share with you my successes, because frankly your help is what has led to me getting 99% of these autographs. So I thank you all!

    This was my first year of doing Spring Training TTMs. I sent to a bunch of long shots, knowing full well I most likely would not get any of them back. But I figured the risk was worth the reward.

    Here are my 2014 ST Successes:
    Jordan Zimmermann-sent 2/21 rec 3/15

    Paul Molitor-sent 2/24 rec 3/29

    Non ST Successes
    Kolton Wong - I had originally sent this to Busch Stadium on 3/19 and got a return to sender. I guess I sent it to early. So I resent on 4/9 and received this beauty back on 4/14. That's right only 5 days!

    Steve Cishek - sent 4/11 rec 4/18
    Bobby Doerr - I recently decided to start collecting Hall of Fame postcards. For my trial run on these I sent to My Doerr. Sent 4/8 rec 4/18

    Al Kaline - Sent Mr Kaline a Hall of Fame postcard with a $5 donation. A little disappointed on how this one turned out. But I am going to a signing at DC Sports with him this Saturday I hope the signature is better there. Sent 4/8 rec 4/21
    Jim Bunning - Sent 4/8 rec 4/23

    Dustin Ackley - Sent 4/11 rec 4/23

    Nate Schierholtz - Sent 4/19 rec 4/26

    Wade Boggs - Sent 2/19 rec 4/28 - Didn't think this one was coming back because I didn't sent the fee. He signed 2/4 though.

    Collection pick up:
    Being a pretty big Red Sox fan I had to get my hands on a Yaz autograph. Also I wanted it to be inscribed with the Triple Crown. I went to a Miguel Cabrera signing last summer and got a ball inscribed with 2012 Triple Crown, so I thought that would be a nice way to tie the two pieces together.
    I did some research and found Dick Gordon Sports. Come to find out Mr Gordon has been Yaz's agent for 30 years. So I felt comfortable buying from him after a lengthy telephone conversation.
    This beauty arrived in the mail:
    Comes with a lifetime authenticity guarantee and also PSA certified.

    Here is a link to my Cabrera Triple Crown Ball:

    Here is a picture of my Triple Crown display:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    This weekend I went to an Al Kaline signing at DC Sports. Went very smooth. Mr Kaline was great and I got a ROML Hall of Fame ball signed. I have a few Kaline autographs in my collection but this one is special because he added his #6 to the autograph as well. None of my other pieces have that.

    Pictures have been added. click the link to check them out.

    Also I got a success from Koji Uehara. Signed 2/2 sent on 4/18 rec 5/3.
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    Nice success! Kaline is always a hit or miss with his autograph
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    I agree about Kaline. I got him TTM a couple weeks ago and the sig left a little to be desired. But the sig at the signing was great!

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    Looks like you have added some wonderful signatures to your collection. Thanks for sharing them with us all here at SCF! Looking forward to seeing what else you might get back!
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    I'm getting Kaline at either the National or the MAB show in Cooperstown. Would have done DC Sports but there were only 2 choices for inscriptions and I'd like mine personalized.

    Feel free to start a PhotoBucket account and upload photos that way.

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    Just made a photobucket account and added pictures.

    I like inscriptions as well and was a little disappointed that he was only signing either 3007 hits or HofF 80. I asked DC about it and they said that's all he would sign. So ask before you order because he might not personalize or do any other inscriptions then the two DC offered. I could be wrong though, and I hope I am so you can get the piece you wanted.

    i had one return today. Trevor Rosenthal signed 1/2 and personalized as requested. Sent 4/18 received 5/5. Great return from one of my favorite closers.

    Also had one failure today. Matt Carpenter returned both of my cards unsigned. Sad to see this failure as I really like Carpenter. Maybe I'll try again.
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    Kaline's paid sig is way nicer than his TTM sig--one of the reasons why I plan to pay more. I emailed MAB so we shall see...

    Not sure what Carp's deal is--I did mail order via STL Sports Co. to have him sign an 8x10.

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    I agree about Kaline. I thought it was worth the extra $$ to meet him as well. His paid sig is still very nice. I hope everything works out for you with that.

    I was really hoping Carps card would of come back signed. I saw your 8x10 you got signed and its real nice. I may try him again TTM sometime soon. If not I might just wait until he comes back to STL Sports Co. Seems like they are pretty similar to DC.

    I have Wacha and Shelby Miller requests pending as well. I would love to see those come back also. But Im not counting on it.

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    Went to the Torii Hunter signing at DC Sports tonight. Let me just say he is hands down the coolest athlete I have ever met. He spent quite a bit of time interacting with everyone and posed for pictures and then thanked everyone for coming. Also his signature is awesome!

    Here is the ball I got signed:

    I also took a selfie with him and he got a kick out of that:

    I had one TTM today from Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard. Super pumped to get this one back. He is one of my favorite Wings. Sent 4/21 rec 5/8.

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