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    Looking for a few older Hextall/Timonen Cards

    Hello everyone,
    First time posting here, seems like a nice place.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me track down a few Hextall/Timonen cards to complete a mini-collection I'm doing. Here goes:
    94/95 Finest Refractor Timonen #129
    94/95 Finest Super Team Timonen #129
    94/95 Pinnacle Artists' Proof Hextall #274
    95/96 Pinnacle Artists' Proof Hextall #95
    96/97 Pinnacle Artists' Proof Hextall #101
    96/97 Summit Metal (the Chrome version, not the Rainbow-like Premium Stock) #100
    97/98 Pinnacle Artists' Proof Hextall #100 (AP100 maybe?)

    If anyone could help, please let me know, and let me know what you'd like for them and we'll work something out. Thank you.


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    #129-super i think i got this one
    let me look.

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