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    Buy Back Card vs Buy Back Certificate

    There is an ebay listing for an 08-09 UD Mastepieces Brown Border Mario Lemiuex card which was re-purchased by UD, re-packaged in 2010-11 UD series I, and re-relieased.

    A Buy Back Certificate card accompaniess the Lemiuex card (which has not been altered from it's original state)

    My questions are:
    1. Is there any collectible value for the 08-09 Masterpiece card beyond the original value of the regular release? The regular issue and buy-back cards are identical and there is nothing on the buy back certificate to indicate that it was a lemieux buy back. Who's to say I didn't get a Scott Hartnell buy back and simply paired the certificate with a lemieux card I already had?

    2. If you are a Lemiuex PC would you feel a need to get a Brown Border Masterpiece and an identical Brown Border Buy-back?

    3. Because the original Masterpiece card and the buy-back are identical, wouldn't the buy back certificate be the card with collectible value? Especially if had identified which buy card you receivied.


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    1. I would say no. Often UD will do buybacks but with added "oomph" i.e. an autograph on a previously non-autographed card. That's what puts the added value in the buyback. While an 05-06 Sidney Crosby YG will still pack a serious hobby punch, the buybacks that UD put into an 11-12 product (Black Diamond?) that were hard-signed and individually numbered /10....huge dollars.

    2. Nope.

    3. Pretty much, but I would say it's a negligible value. It just says that you pulled the 08-09 card from a 10-11 product. A quirk, an oddity, but I don't see why it would have any value in much the same fashion that an ERR card and a COR card have similar values.
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    As a Lemieux collector these were the dumbest things that UD produced. So I (UD) "bought" some cards and added a certificate to make them special. I highly doubt they bought anything, these were overstock and they added them without anything else to boost the pack out. If there is no variation to the card, it is the same card. Now, look at what Topps did a couple years ago. They took older cards and embossed a stamp on them and made them Fan Favorites. That works for me, they are not easy to find, but still a cool variation. I pulled several players in this, kept the card and threw away the cert, most cards I got went into the common box anyhow.

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    Buybacks of recent cards with no added autographes is a stupid idea.
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    I think any non RC buy-back should have some kind of embellishment on it to make it different than the original. Of course, if the buy-back happens to be a RC, then the alteration ruins the RC value.

    I recently bought a buy-back card from 04/05 SP Authentic for #3.99. The card I bought was a Kovalchuk 01/02 SPx Rookie Redemption which are selling in the $25 - $30 range. So, in this case, I'm glad the buyback card was not modified.

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