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    my redemption came in

    was supposed to be a visanthe shiancoe auto /15, lucky for me he didn't sign, this was the replacement!.. I've never had much luck with redemptions but this was pretty sweet

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    that patch if freaking awesome
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    cowboys site that is also for trade
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    Incredible patch! Nice replacement!


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    So Shiancoe didn't sign anything that he had a redemption for? I was hoping to be able to get a Vikes auto of him one day. But the patch on that card is insane!
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    Awesome replacement, sharp patch!

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    holy a bills fan lets hope he hits his stride in the second half so you can cash in on that card and i can watch a playoff game for the first time in 12 years
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    dang thats a nice patch!!! congrats!
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    Great patch!
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    thanks, its FT as well but I'm kinda trying to wait so hopefully it'll be worth a few bucks eventually

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    Bama, Preds, Braves, Titans
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    Great patch man. Terrible auto though. More like bad chicken scratch. lol

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