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Thread: Chipper Jones

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    Chipper Jones

    I am looking for any Chipper Jones game used and autos. LMK if you have any for trade.

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    HEY KYLE!!!!

    I have this One:

    2001 Donruss Leaf Rookies & Stars "Dress for Success" Dual Bat/Jersey #DFS-19

    LMK if you need this...


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    I'm very interested in that. Do you want to trade that for the two football serial #d cards you were interested in from Peggy's Baseball Cards? The bv of the Chipper is $20 and the bv of the football cards is $22:

    Jerry Rice 2000 Playoff Absolute Coaches Honors #ed 9/300 bv:$12

    Emmitt Smith 1998 SPX Finite NFL Talent Radiance #ed 278/3600 bv:$10

    LMK, thanks.
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    i have two Chipper RC's, LMK if intereted, thanks

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    Hey Kyle!!

    I would Rather not Trade GU for Inserts. Maybe all the 2004 Topps you need for your wantlist we can Trade for the FB Inserts. LMK if you have any GU around the same BV. Did you Trade the derek Jeter that I was wanting??? LMK if that would be alright with You.


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    nebbie and cardsfan- I already have all of Chipper's RC's, thanks anyways

    Trains- Well, the topps cards would probably have a bv of around maybe $4. I don't have any $20 game used cards but I would trade 2 $10 ones. Also, I traded the Jeter.

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    Alex Rodriguez Jersey!!

    You have that Alex Rodriguez Logo Patch Ser # 179/300. Want to trade that?? LMK

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    That isn't for trade. Even if it was, I'd put atleast a $60 bv on it.
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    How About this!!

    I'll give you the Chipper and all the 2004 Topps cards for the Vernon Wells Card... LMK

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