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    ********Warning******** Fake Bobby Ryan Cup RC Auction

    I don't know if the current seller changed the patch himself or if he is simply un-aware that the patch has been altered. Obviously, if he ends the auction, then we know he is honest. If not - then you can make the call yourself.

    There are only "13" 5x Color Ryan's out of the /249 and since someone owns more then half a dozen of them, we don't need to see the market manipulated.

    Here is a link to the auction and a picture of what the card "originally" looked like.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    Was contemplating the same thing when I added it to my watch list tonight, was actually going to ask the boards for opinions as ive never seen that type of patch in a Ryan Cup RC.

    Any news on his Hiller? Another type of patch i havent seen on Hiller Cup RCs
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    The card is gonna ending up with a very high price....because of its extremely nice fake patch so many is going to bidding at the auction.
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    sometimes i dont even want to bid on cards like this because of the risk/demand that is associated. give me a plain/semi-decent patch any day :)

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    Looking at his other items, a lot of them are really nice patches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oline73 View Post
    Looking at his other items, a lot of them are really nice patches.

    I just checked it out after you posted this and that definitely makes this even more fishy. Only 1 of his over 20 patch cards are 1 colored. Not saying he did it for all i know he bought them all as a lot or it's just a coincidence that he has a fake patch and all the rest are real, real nice patches lol just seems a bit fishy

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    and his shipping is way out to lunch as well
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    I know of three people that have e-mailed him about the "fake" card that he is selling. Thus far, he has refused to end the auction. I guess this tells us about how legit/honest the seller really is.
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    "Any news on his Hiller? Another type of patch i havent seen on Hiller Cup RCs"

    As I mentioned in the earlier post, there are "legit" Ryan's but only 13/249 are 5x Color. As for Hiller, I personally don't keep the archives for each of the players but I will ask a guy that I know and post the answer of how many 5x Color Hiller's there are.

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    Does anybody know if his two Iginla Signature Patches are legit?

    Those are some pretty sick swatches but I've searched Iginla Signature Patches from the same year and don't see anything even close to the quality of the two he has listed.

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