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    Quote Originally Posted by rowley5383 View Post
    how much you looking to spend?

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    Also have the G and A

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    WTTF Bears autos and patches & NFL McFarlanes
    Due to my job and kids, i ship when i can within a week of trade confirmed. (normally the next day)

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    have an extra chrome auto

    ALSO all these autos...

    only extra i really have is the chrome, but id be willing to entertain sales on some of the others, just depending on what they are.

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    I just purchased my second Jeffery so I do not have a large budget left. Unless I see something I can't resist. Thanks for the looks.
    Collecting: Matt Cain, Josh Morgan, Bryant Young.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlatinumPlus502 View Post
    Well, $11 dlvd for one of the chromes.
    Thanks for the offer, but I have maxed out my budget for now. All the best.
    Collecting: Matt Cain, Josh Morgan, Bryant Young.

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