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    The eBay Hot Pack: Rip Off or Rewarding?


    What are your experiences or thoughts on the eBay hot packs?
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    I bought a couple about a year ago to see if they were the least bit truthful in their listings. What I pulled were serial-numbered cards. They consider those hits as well according to the seller. He would not refund me even though his listing said guaranteed auto, jersey, or auto/jersey. All I got were regular cards numbered /500 and /1962. Never again will I purchase "hot packs" from anywhere. I'd rather be surprised on a hit when I open the pack rather than knowing that I'm opening a pack with a guaranteed hit.

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    Don't really see why people buy them but there obviously is a demand for them since they are all over eBay and card shows
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    I've bought two over the past 10 years out of shear interest. In the first I received a no-name game used likely to remain unsold at 0.99, and in the second I didn't receive any hits and was fully refunded, no questions asked.
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    It is too big of a gamble. How does the seller really know it is a hot pack? I would pass and put my money towards something else.

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    I have always wondered what these packs were about. I know that certain companies produce packs that are guaranteed hits, but why wouldn't collectors just buy them from the manufacturer's site or from a show or LCS? This hot pack fad has got to go if you ask me b/c the only way to find them is to search them or cherry pick a box which is obviously not a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mw83krk View Post
    I've bought two over the past 10 years out of shear interest. In the first I received a no-name game used likely to remain unsold at 0.99, and in the second I didn't receive any hits and was fully refunded, no questions asked.

    I can not think of one single way that is not either outright illegal, dishonest or at least a bit unethical that would allow these people to guarantee a hit in a pack. Any way I can think of involves searching in some way which is unethical and in some cases it may involve opening and resealing packs which is at the least dishonest and probably illegal. I would not buy a pack from these individuals if they could guarantee me a 1/1 Aaron Rodgers autograph. Of course we all know that would never happen because they would open that pack themselves. You might get an Aaron Pflugrad or a James Rodgers (I admit I had to look those names up) but not an Aaron Rodgers.

    Of course they have to let a few decent cards slip by to the consumer now and then or else their feedback would tank and they would be out of business. That is unless they give a no questions asked refund which will usually preempt someone from leaving a negative.
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    I don't do hot packs. If I want an auto I will buy one directly or simply go to the hawks game and add to my IP collection.
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    id never buy one, i dont like the idea of supporting someone who pack searches at a retail store and will then in turn, turn a profit for buying the pack(s)

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    Of course it's a ripoff.
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