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    2012 Bowman prospects WTTF

    I am starting to try and complete a set of 2012 Bowman prospects.Any Cards are needed at this moment. PM me what you have and what you want for them.

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    From Bowman Chrome or Bowman?
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    i have a lot, ill give u a list in a little

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    I still have these, let me know if you still want/need any!
    Bowman Prospects Base
    BP1-Justin Nicolino (Blue Jays) (3x)
    BP3-Francisco Lindor (Indians)
    BP4-Nathan Freiman (Padres)
    BP5-A.J. Jimenez (Blue Jays)
    BP6-Noah Perio (Marlins) (2x)
    BP7-Adonys Cardona (Blue Jays) (3x)
    BP8-Nick Kingham (Pirates)
    BP9-Eddie Rosario (Twins) (2x)
    BP9-Paul Hoilman (Cubs) (2x)
    BP10-Bryce Harper (Nationals)
    BP14-Brenny Paulino (Tigers)
    BP15-Jose Campos (Yankees)
    BP16-Jesus Galindo (Giants)
    BP17-Tyler Austin (Yankees) (2x)
    BP19-Richard Jones (Cubs)
    BP20-Robby Price (Rays)
    BP20-Jeimer Candelario (Cubs) (4x)
    BP22-Claudio Custodio (Yankees)
    BP23-Jake Marisnick (Blue Jays)
    BP25-Raul Alcantara (Red Sox)
    BP26-Joseph Staley (Giants) (2x)
    BP27-Josh Bowman (Athletics) (2x)
    BP28-Josh Edgin (Mets) (3x)
    BP29-Keith Couch (Red Sox) (2x)
    BP30-Kyrell Hudson (Phillies)
    BP31-Nick Maronde (Red Sox)
    BP33-Matthew West (Rangers)
    BP35-Devon Ethier (Dodgers) (2x)
    BP36-Michael Brady (Marlins)
    BP37-Michael Crouse (Blue Jay) (3x)
    BP39-Mike Murray (Giants)
    BP42-Tim Crabbe (Reds) (2x)
    BP43-Rookie Davis (Yankees)
    BP44-Adam Duvall (Giants)
    BP45-Angelys Nina (Rockies) (2x)
    BP46-Anthony Fernandez (Mariners) (2x)
    BP47-Ariel Pena (Angels) (2x)
    BP48-Boone Whiting (Cardinals) (2x)
    BP49-Brandon Brown (Mets) (2x)
    BP52-Dean Green (Tigers)
    BP54-Casey Lawrence (Blue Jays)
    BP55-Jose Vinicio (Red Sox) (2x)
    BP60-Danny Barnes (Blue Jays) (2x)
    BP61-David Medina (Cardinals) (2x)
    BP62-Dayan Diaz (Astros)
    BP63-Todd McInnis (Cardinals) (2x)
    BP65-Emilio King (Astros)
    BP66-Jackie Bradley Jr (Red Sox) (2x)
    BP67-J.T. Wise (Dodgers) (2x)
    BP68-Jeff Malm (Rays)
    BP71-Jonathan Berti (Blue Jays) (2x)
    BP72-Jabari Blash (Mariners)
    BP73-Will Swanner (Rockies) (2x)
    BP74-Eric Arce (Blue Jays)
    BP75-Dillon Maples (Cubs) (2x)
    BP76-Ian Gac (Braves) (2x)
    BP77-Clay Holmes (Pirates)
    BP78-Nick Castellanos (Tigers)
    BP79-Josh Belle (Pirates)
    BP80-Matt Purke (Nationals)
    BP81-Tyler Whitenton (Mets) (2x)
    BP84-Bryan Brickhouse (Royals) (2x)
    BP85-Levi Michael (Twins) (2x)
    BP91-Dillon Howard (Indians)
    BP92-Nick Delmonico (Orioles) (2x)
    BP93-Brandon Jacobs (Red Sox)
    BP96-Greg Billo (Royals) (2x)
    BP97-Andrew Susac (Giants)
    BP98-Greg Bird (Yankees) (2x)
    BP99-Dante Bichette Jr (Yankees) (2x)
    BP100-Tommy Joseph (Giants) (2x)
    BP101-Julio Rodriguez (Phillies)
    BP103-Drew Hutchinson (Blue Jays) (2x)
    BP104-Joc Pederson (Dodgers) (2x)
    BP105-Xander Bogaerts (Red Sox) (2x)
    BP106-Tyler Collins (Tigers)
    BP107-Joe Ross (Padres) (3x)
    BP108-Luis Angel Sanz (Tigers)
    BP110-Daniel Norris (Blue Jays)

    Bowman Chrome Prospects
    BCP2-Myrio Richard (Athletics)
    BCP9-Eddie Rosario (Twins)
    BCP10-Bryce Harper (Nationals)
    BCP11-Philip Wunderlich (Rays)
    BCP12-Rafael Ortega (Rockies)
    BCP13-Tyler Gagnon (Rockies)
    BCP15-Jose Campos (Yankees)
    BCP16-Jesus Galindo (Giants)
    BCP17-Tyler Austin (Yankees)
    BCP20-Jeimer Candelario (Cubs)
    BCP22-Claudio Custodio (Yankees)
    BCP26-Joseph Staley (Giants)
    BCP31-Nich Maronde (Angels)
    BCP34-Matthew Szczur (Cubs)
    BCP39-Mike Murray (Giants)
    BCP40-Paul Hoilman (Cubs)
    BCP43-Rookie Davis (Yankees)
    BCP47-Ariel Pena (Angels)
    BCP51-Brett Krill (Giants)
    BCP54-Casey Lawrence (Blue Jays)
    BCP55-Jose Vinicio (Red Sox)
    BCP60-Danny Barnes (Blue Jays)
    BCP63-Todd McInnis (Cardinals)
    BCP67-J.T. Wise (Dodgers)
    BCP68-Jeff Malm (Rays)
    BCP70-Luis Heredia (Pirates)
    BCP72-Jabari Blash (Mariners)
    BCP73-Will Swanner (Rockies)
    BCP74-Eric Arce (Blue Jays)
    BCP75-Dillon Maples (Cubs) (2x)
    BCP76-Ian Gac (Braves)
    BCP82-Dayan Diaz (Astros)
    BCP84-Bryan Brickhouse (Royals)
    BCP89-Austin Hedges (Padres)
    BCP90-Robby Price (Rays)
    BCP91-Dillon Howard (Indians) (2x)
    BCP93-Brandon Jacobs (Red Sox)
    BCP94-Charlie Tilson (Cardinals)
    BCP97-Andrew Susac (Giants)
    BCP98-Greg Bird (Yankees)
    BCP99-Dante Bichette Jr (Yankees)
    BCP100-Tommy Joseph (Giants)
    BCP101-Julio Rodriguez (Phillies)
    BCP103-Drew Hutchinson (Blue Jays)
    BCP104-Joc Pederson (Dodgers)
    BCP105-Xander Bogaerts (Red Sox)
    BCP107-Joe Ross (Padres)

    Bowman International
    BP5-A.J. Jimenez
    BP23-Jake Marisnick
    BP27-Josh Bowman

    Bowman's Best
    BBP1-Trevor Bauer
    BBP3-Manny Banuelos
    BBP8-Billy Hamilton (2x)
    BBP9-Joe Benson
    BBP15-Gerrit Cole
    BBP25-Gary Brown

    Bowman Prospects Purple Retail
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP13 Tyler Gagnon (Rockies)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP23 Jake Marisnick (Blue Jays)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP24 J.R. Graham (Braves)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP30 Kyrell Hudson (Phillies)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP34 Matthew Szczur (Cubs)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP51 Brett Krill (Giants)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP54 Casey Lawrence (Blue Jays) (ROLLER MARKS ACROSS TOP)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP80 Matt Purke (Nationals) (ROLLER MARKS ACROSS BOTTOM)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP89 Austin Hedges (Padres)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP94 Charlie Tilson (Cardinals)
    -Bowman Prospects Purple #BP109 Andrelton Simmons (Braves) (ROLLER MARKS ACROSS BOTTOM)

    -Bowman Prospects Blue Richard Jones #BP19 (Cubs--113/500)
    -Bowman Prospects Blue Michael Crouse #BP37 (Blue Jays--338/500)
    -Bowman Prospects Silver Ice #BP13 Tyler Gagnon (Rockies)
    Collecting: McGriff, Helton, Chipper and Griffey.
    Cards for Trade and Want Lists
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