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    Difference in 02-03 Private Stock Jersey (Retail?)

    Just doing my daily search of Luongo cards and I noticed on my checklist that I need 02-03 Private Stock Jersey red /50. I know this one exists, but I also have a retail jersey on the list as well. I've never seen one, and all I have is the jersey /1475. After doing an ebay search of others it doesn't seem that there is a retail jersey version. Maybe there is and it's just exactly the same. Anyone help me out here??

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    This is what I found after doing a beckett search of Luongo for Private Stock. I think its the one you are looking for. Can't post the BV's here thou.

    2002-03 Private Stock Reserve #124 Roberto Luongo JSY

    2002-03 Private Stock Reserve InCrease Security #10 Roberto Luongo
    2002-03 Private Stock Reserve Patches #124 Roberto Luongo/150
    2002-03 Private Stock Reserve Red #124 Roberto Luongo /50 (just says it s serial numbered not sure if its a jersey but I believe it is)
    2002-03 Private Stock Reserve Retail #124 Roberto Luongo JSY
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    As said above by Mnum I believe it just a numbered parallel. That going by recollection from the various breaks of that product in the past.

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    The checklist states that it is "J" which means jersey, but doesn't give it a serial #ing. Any other opinions??
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    I just remembered that I had asked a similar question about these Jersey cards on Beckett a while ago. Here is one of the responses:
    "From what I remember, and what I quickly looked up, they (2002-03 Private Stock Hobby and Retail Jersey Cards) were the same cards, just inserted at a different ratio:

    One in each pack for Hobby, Only one in each box for retail."

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