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Thread: 2012 Legends

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    there are also press plates for all base cards-front and back-4 colors for a total of 8 cards
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    There are times that I wish Press Pass would just list everything that is part of a release on their checklist for that release!

    I added the Printing Plates for both the front and the back. As for the parallels from the Power Packs, I'm going to need to know the foil color before adding them. I haven't seen any numbered to 10 yet, but did see some numbered to 50. However, some were listed as Holofoil and some Melting. Which is it? Could both parallels from the Power Packs be numbered to 50? Not too sure and just asking.

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    I am not sure i know the ones/50 are meting foil and i as well havent seen the /10s. Just goin off of the power pick nfo n the tenative cl.
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    Just to add on JKC answer on the multiple cards using the same card number, this is a very recent occurance that manufacturer release multiple memorabilia cards under the same card number. Now a decision was made to not allow two card in the same set with the same card number. The main reason is to prevent entering duplicate cards and this has work wonder for us. So this will never change. Now latly, I saw a set release of hockey memorabilia that each cards had four version. Now the solution to add the card with the same number was to create four set instead of adding PR1, PR2, PR3 and PR4. So what we did was to add Set Name 1, Set name 2, Set name 3 and set name 4. This allowed us to add all four cards with the same card number as they were in different set. If that is possible when all the set is made like this, then this is the best solution.

    Here what is going on. In database, when I compare a text fields I can use EQUAL or LIKE. Equal mean the EXACT same string, and LIKE can be on part of a string. With the card number, it make no sense to use LIKE as if you query 1, it will return all card number with a 1 in it. Using equal is much more accurate and for most cards will do the job. But when we add to a card number we see on the back of a card and add a (a) or a (1) then the query will fail.

    So when possible to create more set when it apply to all the cards is the better solution. Reasioon behing that the card number will not fail but if it's only a few cards in a set, then it's not possible and adding a number to the card number will make any query using the card number fail but if we can't split the set in many set, then this is the only solution left.

    One thing for sure, we will not remove the rule on only one card number per set as this as way to many benifit versus the few case we we run into issue. There is no alternate solution. We validate cards when inporting using the the Sport, year, set name and card number and this will never change. Before we used to use Sport, year, set name and card info and this was allowing way to many duplicate cards and was causing a lot of work to correct errors and a lot of confusion since we had more then one version of a card when we should not have any duplicates.
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