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Thread: 2012 Legends

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    2012 Legends

    I know PP never "finalized" the checklist but the tenative one on their site is exactly right on all accounts. Just an fyi
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    I will continue to wait for a final checklist for this release before adding it to the database. I have had some bad experiences with tentative checklists. However, if a final checklist doesn't appear soon, I might consider using the tentative checklist.

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    Just wanted to let you and anyone else that might be interested in knowing that I have added all that I know of from this release except for most of the autographs. My original plan for them I scrapped, and will have to work on my new plan for them before adding them. Sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone, and I'll be sure to post in here as soon as possible after I am able to add them.

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    Well, I had to go back to my original plan for the autographs, but they are now added to the database here. Enjoy!

    I had an idea to add each of the inscriptions, but noticed some problems with the list for them. So, I had to stick with just getting them added.

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    Not sure if you are finished with all the checklists, but I couldn't find the Pieces Of History Memorabilia checklists. I saw the signature versions. But as I said, you may not be complete yet. Thanks...

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    Everything I know of from the release has been added. I took my time though with getting the autographs added for the reason stated earlier. Everything else was already in there prior to that. So, with that being said, here are all of the Pieces of History sets:

    Hope this helps!

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    I see the issue. When you type in someone like Tim Richmond in the name field, the cards will not come up because of the relic swatch in parenthesis. Without knowing there are more than one type of race used piece for a driver, then it is easy to mistake that it hasn't been added as I even tried it by card number, but of course they are listed as POHTR1, POHTR2 and POHTR3 instead of POHTR.

    Not saying you have done anything wrong, just wanted to point that out as it is something that should be addressed on the back end as I know of a lot of cards that have this issue and because of that, there are numerous player and driver lists that are incomplete if someone tries to see how many there are of a particular athlete.

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    I don't think it has anything to do with the parenthesis in the name field. The problem is probably more to do with the player indexing. I just tried a search for Tim Richmond's cards for this year. All that came up for me in the Inventory Manager was the cards from FanFare. I went to the player index and updated the index for Tim Richmond. Now those cards from Legends are appearing.

    Also, the database won't allow more than one card to have the same number in the same set. That is why the numbers were placed after each.

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    thanks for all your work on this!
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    one item is missing however-the power pick packs legends cards/50 and /10 parallels-had same # as base card.
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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