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    Another 1st Ebay Auction for me!

    I happened to come across this ebay auction. 64dcbd690

    Its the first ebay auction I have seen that advertises them buying something. It is a interesting idea and maybe a good one. Its also an auction as you get 1000 random jerseys and autos but for $99,999 Ill pas LOL.

    What do you think?
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    Looking for Penguins, any top player or retired player Autos. Aswell as any Beau Bennett Olli Maatta Derrick Pouliot and 11-12 Sign of the Times

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    I think there's all sorts of crazy going on in there, but hey, free listings will bring out the whole circus.
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    Interesting Auction
    Collecting Phil Kessel, Anna Kournikova & Danica Patrick cards! Trading for my PC only. Got Kessel let me know
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    I think that's the same Russian poster that posts here in the High-end + sale forums with all the short-printed card.
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    i do believe that is TNG. Bravo on trying to find the cards you need. Heck if you want a card(s) bad enough try anything in reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    It's a Russian....

    Avoid like the plague.
    WOW nice zenophobiac comment. You really are one ignorant person. I have read plenty of your posts and that 1 may take the cake
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    Mason Raymond #1 most want 07/08 OPCP Black 1/1

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    Wait until you lost a couple of hundred dollars to them in theft. Never again.

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    well they are horrible hockey players, they must be horrible people too right?

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    I think those kind of auctions are not allowed.

    Collecting high end Cam Neely and Ray Bourque autographs

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Wait until you lost a couple of hundred dollars to them in theft. Never again.

    two weeks ago i had 200$ stolen by a canadian guy
    better avoid all those stupid canadians....

    (see what i did there)?

    stereeotypes are to be avoided
    looking for 10-11 crown royale paralells, and dominion ruby/blue autos

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