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    Its a long shot, but- is anyone selling CCG rares?

    Im looking to buy Magic the Gathering rares, and maybe Pokemon and Yugioh holos/foils.

    Im not after anything big, but Im also not willing to pay a whole lot- Im willing to pay .15 per magic rare (gold symbol on the newer sets) and .10 per pokemon/yugioh holo. I dont need lists, just a count, and I will cover shipping

    If you have nicer Magic rares, Im willing to pay more for them, obviously

    My brother and I are getting ever closer to opening our online game and hobby store, and we need some inventory- so if anyone has some of this stuff sitting around, and you want to make a few bucks on it, let me know

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    up we go!
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    give it another shot
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    PM me and let me know what you are paying on the pokemon holos and maybe i have some $1 gu and autos for you as well

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    paying around .15 per pokemon holo- i tend to sell them for around a buck on ebay, so after fees, if i pay more than that, i dont really make anything at all- I understand thats really low, so if you arent interested, I wont be offended at all, just please let me know either way

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    one final bump on this thread before I let it die...
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    maybe, just maybe, someone will be interested tonight
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    up for tonight
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    Any interest in Star Trek Alternate Universe CCG cards? I have 1000's I would love to get rid of. Have a list of some of them I went thru here..!
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    Looking for UFC/MMA Autos - Red Sox RC's, autos and GU - A's Autos- Celts autos & GU - Patriots & Some Jets Autos - Kobe Bryant Rookie Year Cards - Star RC's & Star Refractors from any sport

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    those really arent on my list of things to pick up, unless you are talking pennies per rare, then i might consider it- otherwise, id have to pass, there just isnt much market for that particular CCG any more

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