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    Exclamation Sick 2012 Bowman Chrome Blaster Box!!!!

    I picked up 1 blaster from Target today and I got a whole box worth of x fractors, all the base was substituted for x fractors. I got a total of 19 x fractors, 2 of them including shaun dusten jr and will middlebrooks, 2 ref, one of a prospect and one mlb player, billy hamilton futures game card and a future team things with billy hamilton and joey votto, then the big hit a blue ref of mike trout /250. Can anyone tell me if this is like a hot box or something because I had no base in the whole box, anyways, thanks for looking and let me know if you would like anything or you would like to know which x fractors I pulled.

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    I also got one of those boxes at a local Wal-Mart, thought the same thing a hot box. What do you need for the Hamilton's Thanks

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    i might want to keep the hamiltons, sorry, i met him at his single a game, got his auto and hes just a really nice guy but ill tell you what, offer me a price and ill go from there

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