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Thread: 2012 Press Pass Legends

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    2012 Press Pass Legends

    2012 Press Pass Legends

    Master Box Items:

    3 mini boxes
    6 packs per mini box
    5 cards per pack
    1 autograph per mini box
    1 relic card per mini

    Press Pass Sell Sheet

    The standard sized base set cards have either a black and white or color picture of the driver. Bordered on the sides and bottom the card fronts have show the set name on the top and driver name on the bottom. The base set cards picture is framed in a bronze foil. The card fronts are slightly glossy. The cards backs feature either a black and white or color picture of the driver's car. The backs list moderate career highlights and careers statistics.

    What I pulled:
    90 cards
    50 base set cards = 50/50 = 100% complete base set!
    15 base set duplicates
    6 gold parallels #/275
    2 red parallels #/99
    1 blue parallel #1/1
    4 Memorable Moments inserts
    6 Trailblazers inserts
    2 autographs
    3 relics
    1 auto/relic

    Base card front and back:

    Inserts and Parallels: (not all scanned)
    Red #/99 Goldsmith, Yarborough
    Gold #/275 Wallace, Evernham, Labonte, Wood, Petty, Pearson
    Memorable Moments 1, 6, 7, 10
    Trailblazers 2, 3, 4, 8, 13, 14
    Blue 1/1 Mark Martin

    The Hits:
    Dario Franchitti 2-color relic #/99
    Terry Labonte relic #/99
    Jerry Cook autograph #/75
    Tom McEwen autograph purple #/25, inscription "mongoose"
    Danica Patrick Prominent Pieces relic #/25
    Tony Stewart 4 Wide quad relic/autograph #1/5

    ************************************************** ********************************

    Wow, awesome, sick. mojo, whatever you want to call it, 2012 Press Pass Legends has it all. There is an awesome mix of retired legends and top stars. (1-40 +retired, 41-50 current) The drivers are listed alphabetically so this will make for easy sorting. Legends of NASCAR, NHRA and Indy are all representedThe product offers a solid base set design with amazing inserts and hits. All of the autographs are on-card! really with a complete base set and the hits, 2012 Press Pass legends has something for everyone! Set collectors and bit hit hunters should both sprint to buy this product!

    The Bottom Line:
    A complete base set, sweet looking inserts and parallels, a 1/1, stated odds on hits AND a sick 1/5 quad relic/auto? Yes please! Buy a box and trade your Dale Jr cards to me!

    The Final Score:

    Final Ratings (Out of 10):
    Base set collect-ability: 10/10
    Big-hit Hunter: 10/10
    Prospector Hunter: NA
    Value: 10/10
    Overall Quality: 10/10

    Overall: 40/40 (100% = A)
    This is the first ever perfect score I have given a product!

    Press Pass sent me this box to review for Full Spectrum Baseball. As always I am offering base and insert cards to members here for a SASE.

    Thanks to Press Pass for making this review possible!
    Rickey Henderson stats. 1904/6397 = 29.76% 167 GU, 6 Auto
    Sean Casey stats. 1091/2654 = 41.11% 123 GU, 55 AutoHidden Content
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    that was an insanely good box lol
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    Fantastic break.

    Tom McEwen autograph purple #/25, inscription "mongoose"

    McEwen and Prodhumme signed all there cards with "Mongoose and The Snake"
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    I do not accept PWEs

    I actively trade for these drivers: Greg Biffle--Marcos Ambrose--NHRA

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