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    Winter Classic Will Be Cancelled On Thursday Of This Week

    If there is no settlement.

    Just talking to the hand at this point.

  2. Kronozio
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    terrible. it is an event all fans that attend will remember. Went to the one in Buffalo with the wife, and it was a day I will never forget. the atmosphere, the party outside, the weather, the people...it was great...and I got to watch a hockey game too!!! Too bad...2 original 6 teams, big fan bases, huge stadium...stupid really.

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    Hopefully the NHL will keep this matchup for whenever the heck they have a new season.

    Looks like I'm going to need to get a hold of the box office come Thursday for a refund, was really looking forward to going

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    Here in Toronto, our sports media people have been saying for a long time now that if the Winter Classic gets canceled, so, too, will the entire season.

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    NHL had taken big steps to gain fans. With this canceled all the casual fans will turn hockey off for good.
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    It's a big shame, as this could have been something great for many in the Detroit/Michigan area to look forward to, especially after what just happened to the Tigers.

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    Cancelling it only makes sense at this point. For months now, there has been chatter that "The league does not want to lose the winter classic". If the NHL thinks there's even a small chance that that players think that they (the owners) will cave in, rather than lose this game, killing it tomorrow will make it pretty obvious that the league doesn't think that one game is so important that they'd comprimise on what they want from the players.

    Cancelling the game tomorrow doesn't mean that they can't bring it back in two weeks, should they finally reach an agreement.

    And even if the game was lost.... be that due to missing an entire season, or that they have a short season that starts in the new year (like '94) they can always schedule this game from Jan 1 2014.

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    It is grim for the season but unlike other sports NHL fans are die hard,They always come back
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    The sad thing about season's tickets, per game tickets, special event tickets, and the Winter Classic, is that it's up to the customer to chase down their own refund. So much refund money goes unclaimed in every Sport when games/seasons/special events are cancelled.

    Sad really.

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    Terrible for hockey its an event in this league and they remove it

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