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    Rusty Wallace - "Sample" Cards?

    Hey all. I bought a large lot of just random base from the bay and it came with a few cards that had "Sample" written on the back. I've attached some pictures below. I can't seem to find a whole lot of information about them, so I was just wondering if any of you guys had any information about them. Any value? or just more base?

    Thanks all!

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    those appear to be 1999 SP authentic sample cards. Upper deck produced them and gave em to hobby shops to promote the products (at least I think that was the case with these correct me if I am wrong someone). Various athletes were chosen from different sports as the sample cards-it appears the Rusty Wallace is S2-my guess is it is worth anywhere around 5 to 10 bucks depending on how many they produced-but to the right collector in search of samples which can be hard to find it might be worth more-hope this helps.
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