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    They need to do something with the rookie cards. Is Panini really this lazy? I was hoping for more. This design was alright 3 years ago when they started it in basketball...rinse and repeat...rinse and repeat.

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    those look really cool..but if thats the best they can do for $10 a pack i doubt ill be getting any,...
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    Quote Originally Posted by pur3strpker0 View Post
    Im not a fan of the sticker autos for the Freshman Sigs. That was what I liked about Certified, at least the sigs were hard signed but this year its a tone down
    Certified has always been sticker autos

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    Quote Originally Posted by dre2112 View Post
    Certified has always been sticker autos
    Not for the Freshman Signatures. For 2010-2011 cards #171 to 188 and for 2011-2012 cards #171 to 206.
    Was really nice to get hard signed autos so early in the year.

    You might be thinking of the Freshman Fabric cards (which had the bigger name rookies). Yes they had sticker autos.

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    Looks really good so this far...
    I digs that many of those cards got shiny surface (I'm a sucker at this)

    BUT just hope that my PC-player got some card or cards.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mxaxtxtx View Post
    They need to do something with the rookie cards. Is Panini really this lazy? I was hoping for more. This design was alright 3 years ago when they started it in basketball...rinse and repeat...rinse and repeat.
    Why can't a design stay consistent? Not only that, but with minor tweaking to make it look better. You can call it lazy, rehashing, recycled, etc. but it's a phenomenal design. It's way better than a picture of a player with a jersey swatch and an auto, not to mention it takes more time and costs more to make the card. If they wanted to be lazy, they'd slap a square swatch window, an upper body shot, and an auto on the card.

    Also, it's called branding. It's a CERTIFIED FRESHMAN FABRIC. Any type you see like that, any sport, you know what it is. Take a look through SPx's history:

    The only two that resemble each other are the 2006/07 Zajac and 2007/08 Bernier. The rest are totally unique. The point is a company doesn't have to change the design every single year. You can call it lazy, but if it ain't broke don't fix it.
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    nice look but... ugh, stickers
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    I still don't see why everybody hates stickers in every product.

    Would you rather have a sticker or have it hard signed but be a redemption that you have to wait 9 months for the player to sign?

    Sure stickers don't always look great, okay they never look great but they sure as heck beat waiting for a card to be signed. When you think about it no matter what any of the companies do they will always get hate. Use a sticker everybody goes crazy about a sticker, do hard signed and some of the players don't get the cards back in time then everybody goes crazy about a redemption.
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    I thought the first Certified was pretty cool and last season's was thoroughly unimpressive. Most of the inserts look pretty meh to me, just like last year, but I gotta admit I really do like the Goalie Pulls cards. It's not a game changer but at least they're being creative and shaking things up. The base card design is phenomenal IMO and if I wanted to collect a base set from this season so far this one looks like a winner.
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    The Path To The Cup cards are really sweet. Too bad the Habs didn't make the playoffs :(
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