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    thanks a lot everyone for the comments. With both the Gretzky emblems of endorsement and Limited Logos from 2010-11 in hand, I can finally claim to have completed both sets... don't want to bore anyone with it, but if there is enough demand, I can do a separate "show and tell" for these two sets later on.
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    One of the most ridiculous Show n' Tells I think I've ever seen. Just incredible. Now, excuse me while I go change...

    (that haul is so dirty that I felt only a dirty joke would do! I'm a bad role model.)

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    OMG! Thats is a heavy load you got some nice cards there.

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    Any time a set is completed I think it's worth showing off!LOL So lets see the sets! Lets see the sets! Congrats on one of the sickest mail days I have had the pleasure of seeing! Just simply insane dude, Brad.
    Super Collecting Jeff Skinner
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