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    The I have no self control Mixed Break 3X 08/09 skybox blasters, press pass 08/09+++

    well I told myself that after november 23rd (black friday) that I would absolutely not spend another dollar on cards for the rest of the year. Blowout had a sale (some products cheaper than BF, and the rest was history)

    here is what I got
    2 2008 15 pack blister boxes (STILL SEALED)
    2 2011 topps value boxes baseball (got a silver and red harper, bryce harper throwback, wil myers throwback)
    2 08/09 hot prospects basketball retail box 24ct (STILL STEALED)
    1 2008/2009 press pass basketball gravity feed 48ct box
    3 08/09 skybox basketball blasters

    in the press pass gravity feed i got no autos/gu (they are 1:56) but did get the following

    13 derrick rose rookies
    11 russell westbrook rookies
    10 kevin love rookies

    and in the 08/09 skybox i got

    derrick rose (sells for 30 dollars), russell westbrook, richard hendrix

    jerseys: kosta koufos rookie prevue, jj hickson rookie prevue, richard hamilton larger then life

    metal universe: kevin garnett, tracy mcgrady, lebron james

    and I also got

    oscar robertson close ups red ruby 44/50

    not to bad
    Every time you buy from me, ebay doesn't take 10% of the sale price

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    Sweet pull! :)
    Kevin Garnett collector - own 1539 (22.8%) different! Always looking for more!

    Collecting Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Bulls, and Minnesota Wild too!

    "Anything is possible" - Kevin Garnett

    Looking for: 2009-10 Limited Jumbo Kevin Garnett /10 square swatch AND jersey number swatch.

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    is there a group where we can discuss our problems... because I tell myself all the time that I'm not buying more boxes but I always end up doing it!

    I could use the LeBon Metal Universe if it is FT. LMK.

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    Collecting LeBron James base, inserts, parallels, and GU!
    Also: Irving, Love, Thompson, Ilgauskas, Gibson, Varejao, and all Autos in Cavs uni (in that order).

    Also interested in Nowitzki Patch/GU/Low #d and anything in an Ohio State Uniform
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    Nice ruby, not a bad Rose hit either!
    Andrew Nicholson collector
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    the lebron metal and all other cards will be put on ebay

    Every time you buy from me, ebay doesn't take 10% of the sale price

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