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    iso old school video games

    in search of :
    NES :
    castlevania (any)
    adventure island
    legend of gaia
    final fantasy

    Snes :
    super scope
    super ghouls and ghosts
    star fox
    final fantasy (any)
    zelda a link to the past
    chrono trigger
    super smash bros.
    pokemon stadium
    zelda both

    this is just a small list of what im looking for.
    if you have a decent game we can work a fair price out for it.
    bring me any games you have for these systems and i might want it.
    also have ps3 and xbox360 . gimme ur list and how much you want.
    will trade hockey or buy. better trades then cash but fair either way.

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    I have these PS3 games, also have a few gameboy games and 2 gameboys

    Split Second
    Call Of Duty: Black Ops
    Mercenaries 2: World In Flames
    Red Dead Redemption
    Battlefield: Bad Company
    Army Of Two

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    bought some games no longer looing for castlevanias got em all.....
    bump for super ghouls and other treasures on old systems

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    Have adventure island 1, 2, 3 on NES and adventure island 1, 2 on SNES.
    Games are clean and tested. Adventure island 2 on snes has "video express" engraved across the bottom of it. Not too bad tho, can get picutes.

    Also have these:
    Contra NES
    Super C NES
    Super mario all stars/super mario world same cart SNES
    Mario NES has game store label
    Mario 2 NES
    Mario 3 NES
    Mario/duck hunt NES
    Galaga NES
    GI Joe american hero NES label peeling off on edge

    Let me know if youre interested.
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