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    Overall complete sets of everyone

    Are there plans to have all these inventories merged, so we can see how many of a certain card we all own, and how many of a certain card listed that none of us own. I think it would be a neat project if if all SCF forums could unite to form every possible set ever made. And also have a running total on how many cards total have been indexed here with the leaders boards. Just a thought. I got 14,000 cards entereed and haven't started with the Fleers, Scores, and Topps......

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    I would not see any need for this as collector are working on their collection, not what everyone owns. So I simply do not see the interest. Also no where do we query PC and Trader so that would not be possible. Also logicaly it just a tool that would not make sense to me to spend time coding such page as I don't see anyone using it and would just be confusing to list cards that way.

    I see your cool factor but that would not have interest down the road anyway.
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