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Thread: Book Value?

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    Book Value?

    Anyone have any idea about a rough value on this card? Price range would be great if nobody knows that exact value.

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    Very nice card. There's no shortage of Sid AU/MEM /10 cards out there but there's not a lot of ITG stuff and not many sticks either.

    There's a rookie year SPGU Game Gear Auto /10 that went for $650 and a 10-11 Ultimate Collection (UD) auto patch /10 that went for $250. I would personally aim on the higher end of that spectrum due to the early release year of the card, it's from ITG Ultimate Memorabilia, and the nifty stick piece.
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    So what do you think the value is at roughly? 300-400?

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    350-400$, nice rookie year piece with a solid stick piece and from a high end set, and nicely slabbed. Beauty piece to say the least

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    Really it all comes down to what you feel is right for you. Me personally, I would give in the lower end $300 because it's a ITG product but realising it's one of the best product ITG offer and some will offer you $600 because they are die hard Crosby collector. Bottom line is, you have the card. Good luck. You have a nice card in your hands.


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    Thanks for the great feedback guys, much appreciated.

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    Well if I'm reading the specs correctly this is the Gold Variation #d/10 (too scarce to book) The regular one #d/50 books $250ish.... I'd figure between $350-$500 for it (Book value wise)... Sell value who knows, if you find the right collector they could fork out the mother load for it...

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