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  2. 2bros - Exclusive 3 (2/19) - Moved 4/25
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    Ok, I'll play. Thumbnails to not clog up the thread...

    In no particular order:

    Looking for: Panini Prime Colors, One-Timers and Jumbo Patches!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 0l1par3nt View Post
    beauty!! WOW!! continue guys

    How the heck do you follow Bimola's show LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDMC View Post

    How the heck do you follow Bimola's show LOL.
    +1 lol

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    I cant choose an order ,so ill just throw my top ten in!
    Looking for rare guy lafleur items, and HOF game used nameplates.
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    Lafleur PC
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    In no particular order

    A few sets

    And our Crosby rainbow

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    Nice stuff, Guy. I really like the Price Signature Logos..they looked great that year.

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    How Can you Pick 10? Not my top 10 in terms of price, but in terms of what I enjoy.

    I have heaps of older cards, but somehow these are my faves...

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