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    these are my favorite pieces!! if anybody have some ice patch auto/10 please just contact me. Your price will be mine. Ty, Lmk, Oli «»

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    You guys are very kind, but it is not a competition, and I know plenty of traders on here whose top 10 would crush mine. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravens_creed View Post
    You guys are very kind, but it is not a competition, and I know plenty of traders on here whose top 10 would crush mine. :P

    No man, "Mr Elbows" and "8 Norris Trophies" and "When There Were 6" those are just amazing, the fact that one guy has them is the kicker. Maybe Espo08 would crush us all, you're right, but still............................
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    No more Keslers, thanks

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    Here are mine:

    None are available lol ... but will look for more of the 07-08 Ultimate Auto Rookie Shields


    The Brandon Yip Collector!

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    Dang, Matthew, there's enough shields in there to fend off an attacking medieval army! lol

    And I must give props to spg's Lemieux Peerless Patches card also. Awesome patch, sick card!

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    Wow some amazing stuff.

    I will give it a shot (not in any particular order)

    WTTF :
    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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    the yip and lack the cup black are beauty!!! great shield collection!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My top-10 Tom Barrasso cards

    Just in chronologically order, this is my 10-top Tom Barrasso cards (I have plenty of more card with my older PC-players but no photos)
    Of course I have more rarer card than some of those card I has picked for this list, but I just choose 10 cards which means something for me and not only by $$$-wise or rarity-wise but of course mostly of those cards I choosed are RARE and not to sale!

    I have an another card who should be placed at this list but hasn't arrived to me yet.

    My most expensive card by a landslide (more than 2x more than the 2nd most expensive card I ever bought)
    I'm very satisifed with ITG's effort on this card!

    My favorite Tom Barrasso card number one! Just crazy that his card got more expensive than many bigger name player with just mere plan 2-colored swatch while others got insane pieces of of the finest designed ITG card I had seen and yes I'm a bit bias!

    Actually I'm not satisfied with Miller's boring swatch on a 1/1 card but the card design is just stunning so excuses everything.

    You shouldn't believe the price I got for that card! Absolutely sick card in the person.

    Got a very good BIN for that card plus that the excellent card design makes the victory more sweeter!

    Sadly missed the Platinum 1/1 version by $.50...but otherwise I still love the regular /25 version with M-A Fleury's AU on the other side of the card.

    My second most expensive card ever, the card is just beautiful enough to be a gold 1/1 version !

    Those cards still sells for a very high $$$ just tells everything, ineed very beautiful cards!

    Those Topps Gold Labels are just simply amazing (I'm not alone!) and I'm very fortunate to have a complete set of 9 non 1/1 cards with Barrasso plus 4 Masterpieces 1/1 cards but sadly enough one got lost in mails at 2002 so could be 5! The one of Class 3 Red is wothout doubt my favorite of these 4 1/1's

    Very strange choice inned yes! But that's my very first non regular card of Tom Barrasso I ever pulled, it was at our big USA trip in 1995 (I bought 4 boxes of Finest, SP, Pinnacle series 1+2 at my very first full year of the hobby, everything started at dec-94!), but I started to collect Barrasso first at 1996...but this card helped a lot to just choose him as my PC-player.
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