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    Hate that I have to do this! Earl Campbell, Jim Brown, Doug Martin....

    I wish I never stepped foot in that damn casino, lol, but have these guys for sale.

    LMK if you're interested in anything, thanks! (still working on prices, but I'll beat the bay anyday)

    Prices are shipped, and I discount for multiple cards bought.


    Jim Brown /25 - $17

    Earl Campbell 8/8 - $22

    Doug Martin /149 - $33 - ****SOLD FOR $27**** (Make some offers guys :) )

    Clinton Portis /35 - $8

    Strahan/Bettis /375 (small imprint on back from Strahan patch) - $10 - ***SOLD FOR $7*** (KEEP THE OFFERS COMING!)

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    price on martin please thanks
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    shoot me a price on the lot


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    Posted prices to you guys that asked for PM's :)

    cbu - PM coming

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    You never got back to me on the Bettis bud, I am still interested.

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    Lowered price bump :)

    Wisport - PM sent

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    If you would take $5 pwe for the strahan i am interested
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    I'm not comfortable shipping pwe, sorry. I know it's a few dolloars difference, but I'd be willing to do the dual for $7 if you'd be up for that?

    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    If you would take $5 pwe for the strahan i am interested

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