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    Doug Martin 2012 Topps Chrome 1984 RC Refractor /99 FS

    Just hit this out of a blaster- no idea what to ask on it, so (although I hardly ever do this) Ill accept offers if there is interest. The card is #d 79/99

    Judging by what his normal 1984 rookie inserts are selling for, this one should fetch me a decent price. The plan is to ebay it tomorrow or Friday if no one here makes me a fair offer. If I get any data, Ill change "make an offer" to a price, but I havent seen one yet

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    is $40 a reasonable number or way to low?
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    thats fairly close to what i was thinking- a bit low, but not way low by any means.
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    looking to get around 45 for it, if anyone is interested
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    Damn dude, you should take that $40. Doubt the book is even going to be remotely close to that.

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    thanks so much for your opinion
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    I doubt the book of his Chrome Auto is going to be 90+ but that's what they're selling for. I think 45 is a solid asking price. I'm sure you'd get it on the bay. Good luck with sales bud.

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    i will likely put it there- too many lowballers and people who dont see the need to keep their opinions private here

    can you close this post for me before I say anything rude to anyone

    taking a break from trading

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    Gotcha, I'll close it for ya. I'm surprised you didn't lol

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