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    Lightbulb 100+ For Sale / trade

    Looking to sell or Trade the below.

    Please for the love of god do not send me a list asking for a price.

    I will not respond.

    Send a list with a offer. or just a single with a offer...
    So I know you are really looking for a trade.

    Trades I would take.
    Rnd 1 - Low numbered Diaz - Dana White Auto's.

    Sorry looks like I will need to edit for this forum list is a bit messy...

    2012 Finest Bloodlines Auto

    Donald Cerrone

    2012 Finest Bloodlines Dual Auto
    Mark Hominick / Sam Stout 7-25
    2012 Finest Moments Auto
    Brain Ebersole
    Frankie Edgar
    Junior Dos Santos
    2012 Finest threads
    Forrest Griffin
    2012 Finest Auto

    Daniel Cormier 5-8

    Scott Jorgensen 4-25
    Ross Pearson
    Daniel Cormier
    Scott Jorgensen
    Dominick Cruz
    Miesha Tate
    Louis Gaudinot
    Robbie Lawler
    Pat Barry
    2012 Finest Plate
    Antonio Silva Mgenta 1/1
    2012 Finest jumbp threads
    jason Miller 157/188
    Dominick Cruz 82/88
    Rich Franklin 41/88
    Miesha Tate
    Rashad Evans
    Randy Couture
    2012 jumbo mat relic
    Carlos Condit
    Rashad Evans
    Junior Dos Santos
    Jon Jones
    Nick Diaz
    Lavar Johnson
    2012 Knockout Auto
    Dominick Cruz 1-8

    Nate Diaz 19-99

    Nate Diaz 18-99
    Antonio Silva 61-159
    Demetrius Johnson 43-159
    Ben Henderson
    Stipe Miocic 60-159
    2012 Knockout Relic Auto
    Urijah Faber 186-275
    Shane Carwin 140-200
    Matt Wiman 86-275
    Vitor Belfort 72-150
    2012 Knockout Premium Pemium Auto
    Miesha Tate 79-88
    Rashad Evans 77-882012 Knockout
    Heavy Hitter Book card 5-36

    2012 Knockout Plate
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Yellow 1-1
    2012 Knockout Base
    Diego Sanchez 2-8
    2012 Knockout Triple Threads
    Cain velasquez 1-3

    Frankie Edgar 3-3

    Antonio Silva 2-3
    Matt Hughes 1-3
    Tim Kennedy 3-3
    Jason Miller 3-3
    Chris Cynorg 3-3
    Brock Lesner 3-3
    Antonio Silva 6-9
    Meisha tate 3-9
    Georges St-Pierre 4-9

    Tim Kennedy 7-9

    Jon Jones 3-9
    Tit Ortiz 1-9
    Matt Hughes 9-9
    Frankie edgar 17-18
    Matt Hughes 6-18
    Georges St-Pierre 7-18
    Tim Kennedy 16-18
    Yoshihiro Akiyama 15-18
    Dominick Cruz 14-18
    Diminick Cruz 13-18
    Stephan Bonnar 17-18
    Tito Ortiz 7-18
    Anderson Silva 13-18
    Dominick Cruz 5-27
    Frankie Edgar 5-27
    Tim Kennedy 10-27
    Jon Jones 15-27
    Tito Ortiz 9-27
    Stephan Bonnar 1-27
    Georges St-Pierre 21-27
    Brock Lesnar 26-27
    Antono Silva 15-27
    Wanderlei Silva 17-27
    Dan hardy 13-27
    Daniel Cormier 1-27
    Yoshihiro Akiyama 16-27
    Cain Velasquez 25-27
    Jose Aldo 5-27
    Arianny Celeste 15-27
    Jason Miller 6-27
    Yushin Okami 5-27
    Matt Hughes 6-27
    Cain Velasquez 2-36
    Jon Jones 27-36
    Frankie Edgar 11-36
    Frankie Edgar 35-36
    Dab HArdy 8-36
    Meisha tate 35-36
    Yoshihiro Akiyama 22-36
    Jose Aldo 26-36
    Tit Ortiz 28-36
    Tim Kennedy 23-36
    Matt Hughes 18-36
    Brock Lesner 13-36
    Daniel Cormier 22-36
    Cris Cyborg 6-36
    Antonio Silva 8-36
    Dominick Cruz 31-36
    Anderson Silva 28-36
    2012 Knockout Triple Threads AUTO
    Daniel Cormier 2-3
    Tim Kennedy 6-9
    Antonio Silva 9-9
    Jose Alod 8-9
    Georges ST-Pierre 17-18
    Stephan Bonnar 16-18

    Ronaldo Souza 10-18
    Tito Ortiz 13-18
    Yushin Okami 9-18
    Dan hardy 14-18
    2011 Titleshot Relic Auto
    Ben Henderson
    Ricardo Almeida
    Stefan Struve
    Vladimir matyushenko
    2011 Titleshot Mat Relic
    Lyoto Machida 5-8

    2011 Titleshot 1st Auto
    Chris Horodecki
    Chris Horodecki
    Gerald harris
    2011 Finest Auto
    Jim Miller

    Matt Wiman
    Brendan Schaub
    Shane Carwin
    Erik Koch
    Ryan Bader
    Ryan bader
    Jim Miller
    Dan Miller
    Joseph Benavidez
    2011 Finest Moments Auto
    Cain Velasqez 111-188
    2011 Moment Of Truth Submission Specialist Red Ink Auto
    Nate Diaz 1-25
    Nate Diaz 25-25
    Nate Diaz 3-25
    Nate Diaz 23-25
    2011 Moment of Truth Auto
    Frank Mir 6-8

    Evan Dunham
    Brain Stann
    Dennis hallamn
    Ronaldo Souza
    Vladimir Mtyushenko
    Vladimir Mtyushenko
    Junior Dos Santos
    Chad mendes
    JZ Cavalcante
    Anthony Pettis
    2011 Moment of Truth Plate
    Miguel Torres Yellow 1-1
    2011 Moment of Truth Base
    Diego Sanchez 5-8
    2010 Knockout Auto Relic
    Nate Diaz 23-88
    2010 Knockout Auto
    Nate Diaz 5-88
    Nate Diaz 37-88
    2010 Knockout Full Contact Auto
    Urijah Faber
    2010 Knockout Gear Relic
    Nate Diaz 2-188
    2010 Series 4 Auto
    Jon Fitch 4-8

    Nate Diaz 60-88
    Nate Diaz 28-88
    Tom Lawlor 48-88
    Vitor Belfort 26-88
    Vladimir Mtyushenko 13-88
    Anthony Johnson
    John Hathaway
    Nate Diaz

    Amir Sadollah

    Tom Lawlor
    Anthny Johnson
    Amir Sadollah
    Marcus Davis
    Gray Maynard
    Marcus Davis
    nate Quarry
    Phil baroni
    Kenny Florian
    Aaron Simpson
    Aaron Simpson
    Keith Jardine
    Nate Diaz 10+
    Junior Dos Santos
    Aaron Simpson
    Chris Lytle
    Diego Sanchez
    Dan Miller
    Ryan Bader
    Clay Guida
    Rich Franklin
    Ryan Bader
    Clay Guida
    Frankie Edgar
    Eliot marshall
    Gray Maynard
    Kenny Florian
    Keith Jardine
    Krzysztof Soszynski
    Krzysztof Soszynski
    Dan Hardy
    Michael Bisping
    Charlie Brenneman
    Nate Diaz
    Thiago Silva
    Kenny Florian
    Mike Guymon
    Nate Marquardt
    Krzysztof Soszynski
    Gray Mayanrd
    Thiago Alves
    2010 Main Event Cage
    Mirko Cro Cop
    Georges ST-Pierre
    Ricardo almeida
    Thiago Silva
    Forrest Griffin
    Sean Sherk
    Rany Couture
    Mike Swick 75-88
    2010 Main Event Auto
    Georges ST-Pierre 34-50
    Diego Sanchez 24-50
    2010 Contenders AutoJim Miller 146-188
    2010 Leaf MMA Auto
    Jon Jones Promo Auto

    Gerald Harris 16-25

    Eiji Mitsuoka 22-25
    Akihiro Gono
    Luiz cane
    Mike Massenzio
    Roxanne Modafferi
    Matasha Wicks
    Jim Miller
    Masanori Kanehara
    Sergio Gomez
    Kazunori Yokota
    Dan Miller
    Sergio Gomez
    Joe Brammer
    Dan Miller
    Sergio Gomez
    Donald Cerrone
    Gray Maynard
    Leaf MMA Dual Auto
    Ben Henderson / Donald Cerrone 40-50
    Hermes Franca / Ronys Torres 16-100
    Brain Geraghty / Jameel Massouh 75-199
    Chris Leben / Mamed Khalidov 11-100
    Dave Herman / Sergo Gomez 188-199
    Eiji Mitsuoka / Takeya Mizugaki 86-199
    Hitomi Akano / Takayo Hashi 101-199
    Josh Burkman / Melvin Guillard 51-100
    Leaf MMA Champion Auto
    Sarah Kaufman 10-25
    2009 Round 2 Auto
    Marcus Davis

    Denis kang

    Efrain Escudero
    Dan Hardy
    Dan Miller
    2009 Round 1 Auto
    Rich franklin
    Diego Sanchez
    Tuf Auto
    Chris Camozzi

    Ryan McGillvray
    Josh Bryant
    Joseph Henle

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    You've got a lot of great stuff for sale! I'll give you $20 for the Leaf MMA Dual Auto Ben Henderson/Donald Cerrone.
    I'm fdgowin all over the internet.

    Here's my trade Page - Hidden Content
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    but if you don''t see what you''re looking for, ask.

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    hola ugly what are you looking for the Cruz's?
    Main PC: Broncos/Montee Ball/ Derek Carr/Chrome RCs
    LF: TJ Ward/
    Demaryius Thomas/Aqib Talib/Broncos rookie color chrome

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