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    Gonna try some quick sales>>LOW END

    Need paypal for 2012 Chrome PC rainbow hits. Cards will range from inserts to Autos. Will list 5 at a time and update as they sell, will start once I get 5 watchers.

    • Must pay tonight

    • Prices are delivered

    • $2 shipping no matter how many you buy

    • Buy today, shipped tomorrow

    • US and Paypal only

    • Posts in the thread take precedence over pms. It's much easier that way.
    • Posts asking for "what is your lowest?" or "best price" will be ignored. Prices are listed, you can make an offer or request a price on multiples.





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    Prices are delivered
    $2 shipping no matter how many you buy

    These contradict each other IMO
    WTB Resell Lots! 2011-2012 RC Autos/RPAs/Patches
    If I'm trading up I will give you more value, If I'm trading down I expect to get more value.
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