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    Selling it all- maybe even PC

    Car needs shocks and struts, I need cash for Christmas shopping, and Im kinda tired of all these cards lying around. If you are interested, have a look at my bucket. For now the PC stuff will likely stay, but if you like something in the PC, let me know, I may be willing to move some of it

    taking a break from trading

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    id like a price on the suh blue please. thanks
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    If you wanna buy something from me and wont pay right away plmk before we complete the deal. Thanks

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    luck topps

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    Hey Ed, I'll take a price on the Lucks

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    maybe around 10 on the pair of lucks, but feel free to counter- didnt really do any research on them, just tossed a number out
    taking a break from trading

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    Would you take 7? I can do gift.

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    I'll take prices on the jefferys patch auto and your whole football rc section
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    Id like 25 on the Jeffery auto. the Lucks are sold in my RC section, but if you like the rest Ill figure out a price on them for you

    afmsu- Bob asked first, so I am going to sell them to him, thanks for the interest though

    taking a break from trading

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