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    Looking for Brandon Manning, Zac Rinaldo, Matt Read, Sean Couturier

    Title pretty much says it all... With the Lockout in full swing I won't be purchasing much in the way of 12-13 product until Gary Bettman screams like a girly man for mercy.. But there is one Flyers rookie from this year who I'm trying to collect and that Brandon Manning.. So anything you have of him I'll take a look at as well as the others I listed in the title... (Rinaldo,Read,Couturier)

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    Got a couple of his YGs yesterday :)
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    I have a read spx patch auto /25 rc. LMK.
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    BCC- A couple of Manning's YG's? How much did you want for one of them?

    Giroux- Have a ton of them already, only non auto/#d/gu I collect dups of are YG's thanks though

    Slypig- Its a sweet card, but we are a ways off on price range so I'll pass for now..thanks

    Spx- scan and price in mind?

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    I have this:

    11-12 Donruss Elite Zac Rinaldo Auto 103/750 $5.00 delivered

    Please PM me if interested.

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