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    Break and review of 2012 Panini Certified football

    A break and review of this product from Panini. What are your thoughts on the product?
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    I have seen my fair share of this product broken and everything about this product is good except the value which is absolutely awful. I have yet to see an RG3 and have only seen a couple of Luck rookie autos pulled from this product and the rookie autos should be 1 per box like spx and not 1 every 3 boxes or whatever it is. The best hits in this product from what I have seen are the veteran autos and the patches. The game used like any other product and underwhelming and shouldn't be considered anything more than spare parts.

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    Have to say this product is bad. I'm not only dissapointed with the newest design, but, like stated above, the value is horrible. I used to love busting certified because of nice die-cuts, patches and the freshman fabric cards. Now it is too hard to get anything. Paying 100 bucks for a box that doesn't have any autos is just crazy. The thing I don't get is that the freshman fabric auto versions aren't low numbered or anything, they just aren't in there. I did get a Lemichael James FF auto in my box and it was /rd /499. You would think if they were 1in 3 boxes they would have a shorter print run. Looks like they overproduced the base, kept the nice cards in the same print run range and just filled boxes with more low end fillers. This product is a definite two thumbs down for me. I'm dissapointed b/c there are really only two products I look forward to every year. Certified and Topps Chrome.

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