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    What to buy with a tight budget?

    Geting back into this hobby and in a spending mood as the holidays are approaching, with about $50-80 dollars as a budget what should I go for? Any boxes are within this price range (old or new) but have a solid yield of hits? Or should I get lots of singles and start trading on here?

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    I would highly recommend singles. Boxes have the element of surprise, sure, but the "hits" you get may not be of players highly sought after, you know? Might as well buy a known quantity...
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    I'd go the singles route
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    90% of the time singles are the way to go and offer the best value.
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    It really depends on your collecting goals. I always look for inexpensive singles (autos, nice rookies, PC players, etc) to pick up but if I am in a buying mood and am looking for a box I would get something like nba hoops, leaf draft pics or score football. They may not offer all of the high end stuff but you will still get a good amount of rookies and the non glossy design is perfect for IP/TTM autos and you still may get an auto in the box.
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    Why not go with a box of 11/12 Panini Limited and try your luck for a nice rookie auto redemption? :)


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