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    Belleville Combat Boots (Army Issue) For Sale- NEW

    My brother was in the service and gave me this pair of boots. Problem is, they are a 9.5 and I wear a 10, and they are too tight. Retail is 185, Im asking 125 shipped. Here is a picture of the boots, from the belleville website.

    These are brand new. I tried em on, they didnt fit, so I put them in a box. The tags are present, but removed. Any interest? Id be up for a trade/sale as well, but Id like to get at least 75 in paypal/MO for them if there are cards involved also. Feel free to make counter offers if you like
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    normal i would assume- they arent marked as wide or narrow anywhere on the boot
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    just checked to make sure, they are regular width. any interest tonight?
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    price drop- 115 shipped tonight
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    last bump- price is somewhat negotiable- Ill ebay them if there is no interest here
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    100 bucks shipped, thats as low as Im going- anyone want them?
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