Hey guys, this is my first time showcasing my Vincour collection to date. I've enjoyed starting a player PC much more than I enjoyed building sets, and the thrill of the chase is keeping me hooked so far, especially after hitting the 50 card milestone this past week. So without further introduction, here are my top 10 favorites in my collection thus far:

10. 11-12 Titanium RC /81- This was the first real mid-end RC in my Vincour collection

9. 11-12 Panini Prime Combos Patch /25 w Larsen

8. 11-12 Panini Contenders Auto Patch /100- The first auto patch in my collection

7. 11-12 Panini Limited Phenoms Spotlight /10- The first extremely sp'd card in my collection

6. 11-12 SP Authentic Limited Patch Auto /100- Awesome patch considering I redeemed this myself, and being 1/100 made it even sweeter!

5. 11-12 Panini Prime Seams Increadible /10- An interesting concept and a great chase card!

4. 11-12 The Cup Auto Rookie Patch /249

3. 11-12 SPX Spectrum Patch Auto /25- I bought one copy from a member here, but a second one popped up on Ebay at a price I couldn't resist!

2. 11-12 UD Young Guns High Gloss Spectrum /10- The backbone of a player collection

1. 11-12 Panini Rookie Anthology Rookie Treasures Dual Patch /15. Now it probably isn't the most expensive card in my collection, but I absolutely love the design, and the scan truly doesn't do justice to the card.

Thanks for looking, comments are appreciated. Im always looking to add to my collection, so if you have something not listed in my PC thread let me know! My entire PC can be viewed here: