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    Some nice shiny stuff in the mail!

    Hi everyone, thanks for the look! I really like the look of this set so I was happy to pick these two cards up:

    I don't really know who Hellberg is, and with Barry Trotz being fired, I'm curious to see if Nashville goalies can maintain their reputation as stellar, or if they drop off the map completely!

    And the next guy I haven't really heard of either! Some scrub:

    Both could possibly be available, but I don't really mind keeping them. As tempted as I am to make an effort on the set, I get the feeling declaring bankruptcy might make my fiancée a little unhappy.


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    Man those are bright, should have put my sunglasses on before clicking on here.

    Awesome cards and sweet Mackinnon!
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    Collecting Red Wings Past Present and Future!
    Several new cards added to my COMC port: Hidden Content

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