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    Gift cards for your Damaged hockey cards

    I have found out that I have few gift cards that I can no longer make use of,
    due to the fact that I am now living in Israel. These are egift cards to of $30.00
    and the disney store (physical card but will email you the code)of 144.00

    I am looking for damaged cards. As I am not a collector but rather I need the cards too continue playing my games with
    them. I am seeking the following type of cards.

    1) Cards must have full stats on the back from the player first season to the players Final Season (prefered)
    Stats include year,gp,goals, assists,points
    and for goalies year, gp,ga, gaavg
    2) Vetern cards (no rookie cards)
    3) I only need 1 card for each player.
    4) I am looking for cards mainly starting from 1989-1990 and going up,

    Thank You

    Marc Siegel

    P.S If I cause anyone to slump over , I am very sorry.

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    i have afew dinged gu'd cards.
    i'll pm you the info...
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    What does
    gu'd stand for?

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    oh game-used..card..
    AC/DC-new album-ROCK or BUST-DEC-2 =Hidden Content

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    Thank you.
    For clearing that up, I thought Game used Cards were special cards that had pieces of actual games attach too them.
    such as a piece of a puck, or a piece of a jersey. Shows how much I know.
    Ok, will wait for your pm.

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    i have 2 dinged auto's if you need them also?
    AC/DC-new album-ROCK or BUST-DEC-2 =Hidden Content

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    What I am looking for is something similer too.

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