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    how do they treat memorabilia?

    before I ask, lemme set this up so I don't seem like a complete, I'm not sure how many of you watch football but there is a football commercial where a fan asks Steve Jackson (a runningback for the Rams) for his jersey, and he replies "you don't want this it's all sweaty", to which the fan says he still wants it. This got me thinking. Hockey has a VERY unique smell to it when you play it, yet no jersey cards i have personally stink. So, how do card companies clean them? Do you think it takes a little away from the card? It does for me a little to wonder if they bleach the jersey or really deep clean it. Just something about the idea makes me feel cheated I guess. I mean, I understand why they would have too obviously. But it never really occurred to me
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    not too sure, you see a lot of jerseys from goalies with puck marks on them
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    my first ever jersey card reeked of sweat or something of Dan Blackburn. Either way, they still wore it.
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    I would imagine they are cleaned. Could you imagine the aroma in the warehouse where they keep these things if they didn't? Yikes! Plus, I don't need my card room smelling like a locker room. I get enough grief about the hobby from my wife as it is.
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    I think all of the work equipment managers do to dry and clean equipment/gear goes a long way to reducing odors. It's a far cry from equipment trees that many of us use. Plus with so many issues of jerseys being used, there is much less chance for it to have any funk set in.
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    meigray washes their jerseys
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    NHL Equipment Managers have come a long way, and so has gear. You won't see many Arturs Irbe players with 2 different gloves, 2 different pads, two different socks.... NHL Equipment Managers spend the bulk of their time seeing to Jerseys, pads, tape, sticks, etc. The laundering ia a huge part of their daily work, at home and on the road.

    Towels alone are a friggin nightmare.

    NHL teams travel with 2 sets of everything when on the road, and in many players cases, 3 sets of gloves per game.

    In the old days a player that really sweat would have to put his gloves in front of a portable fan (while on the road) if one could actually be rounded up. If not, you played with ringing wet hands. Some Defensemen go through 3 sets of gloves per game, one for each period.

    These are made available to visiting teams in all NHL buildings now, if I am correct. Drying out gloves and skates between periods.

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    Jerseys are definitely washed before going under the knife for our cards. As far as goalie jerseys, puck marks don't come out of the jersey after being washed. Some do but most stay on the jersey. My jersey I has puck marks everywhere and I wash it just about every other time I play. My Irbe game used jersey has a few too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    haha this was priceless...i didn't mean to sound like i was ranting about "grr I'm never going to buy them again!!!" lol, just never occurred to me I guess, and I was curious...but still...def a first world problem lol
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