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    11-12 Parkhurst Champions Wire Photo Inserts - 4 to go - trading in your favour!

    I would love to find someone who had any of these final four 11-12 Parkhurst Champions wire photo inserts that I need to complete the wire photo insert set (which will go along just dandy with the base set and the renditions colour set I have already completed!). As the title states, I am trading in your favour here, or willing to cough up something to make sending me one or a few inserts worth your while. I would consider paypal as well. Cheers!

    I need:

    123 Wayne Gretzky/Gordie Howe - pending
    125 Gordie Howe/Johnny Bower - LAST ONE, HELP ME, PLEASE!!!
    129 Phil Esposito/Bobby Clarke/Bobby Orr - pending
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    PM sent. I have the #129
    Collecting : Private Signings, Habs Auto/GU
    Inventory is up to date on here.
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    ...and I have the Gretzky/Howe.PM sent!!!
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    PC Players:John Tavares & Bobby Orr

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    Thanks for the assistance, guys, I really appreciate it. In talks for 123 and 129.... Down to the last one! Who's got that Howe/Bower 125??

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    Still need #125, Howe/Bower.... and there isn't one on Ebay for me to just buy and put the set to rest, so I will offer the Paypal to someone here who has one instead!

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