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    Looking for GU J.S. Aubin Penguins

    Looking for the following GU J-S Aubin Cards:

    PM me!!

    Year Brand Number
    2002-03 Between The Pipes Emblems GUE-10
    2001-02 Between The Pipes He Shoots He Saves Prizes 7
    2001-02 Between The Pipes Jerseys and Sticks GSJ-15
    2002-03 Between The Pipes Numbers 10?

    Multi Player
    Players Year Brand Number
    J.S. Aubin / Johan Hedberg 2001-02 Between The Pipes Tandems GT-13
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    My Bucket!!

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    Got one! Thanks!

    I only need 5 more to complete my Aubin set!!

    Who's got em!!
    My Bucket!!

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